Just a few shots from Thailand...

This place was a TRUE paradise...
I lowered the resolution of these shots, as they were pretty big and took too long to download. the biggies are still there if you'd like to see them. The original pictures are available for viewing, and are on display in Tokyo. Please fly in to see them next time you get a chance.

Also, just to let you know, these are pictures of pictures. I used a low-res digital camera to shoot a copy of the conventional print You can go to More shots of Hawaii and Thailand for better shots.

Small picture: krabilongtail.jpg
Big picture: 1-krabilongtail.jpg

Krabi was a little touristy, but very beautiful views... like this one taken early in the morning. You could still see the night fog over the water.

Small picture: krabisunset.jpg
Big picture: 1-krabisunset.jpg

The sunset at Krabi was spectacular. It started to get really red while still high in the sky, and seemed to take forever to set. This photo is pretty accurate.

Small picture: longtailpass.jpg
Big picture: 1-longtailpass.jpg

I'm on a longtail boat on my way out of Krabi. The place I stayed was only accessible via the water. This shot shows the sandstone crags jutting up out of the ocean. I heard that this is where they filmed some James Bond scenes.

Small picture: mywaybungalo.jpg
Big picture: 1-mywaybungalo.jpg

"My Way" was the name of the bungalow establishment I stayed at. It's on the little island of Ko Phan Ghan - off the coast of another island called Ko Samui - off the coast of Thailand - in the Gulf of Thailand. You can barely see it in this shot, but that is my bungalow - $1 a day!

Small picture: mywaysunset.jpg
Big picture: 1-mywaysunset.jpg

Sunset at My Way. That's the owner's mom - going out for fish. She went every night, and the fish she caught was on the dinner menu.

Hope you like the pics... let me know what you think...


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